Durango Shade Co

Terms & conditions

To move forward with the order, 50% down is required and remainder is due after installation of the window coverings. We accept all major credit cards, but cash and checks are always preferred. Credit card payments may require an additional 2% service fee.

By submitting payment in any form, you are agreeing to all our terms and conditions.

Submitting payment you are also legally committing to the full purchase of this order as listed in the item details of this invoice. Unpaid balances are subject to a 2 percent monthly interest charge plus any attorney’s fees and court costs associated with debt collection.

Due to window coverings being custom made to size no refunds are available. Most defects can be replaced under the product Warranty. Installation and labor are guaranteed for one year from purchase date.

Durango Shade Company reserves the right to add labor fees to any product install or service call.

Awnings and exterior shades are susceptible to wind and weather damage and as such wind and weather damage is not covered under the product warranty, unless specified differently. Motorized units with wind or rain sensors are not a substitute for proper use and care.

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