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Somfy vs. Lutron Motorized Shades

Motorized Shades

Somfy and Lutron are two of the most popular motor manufacturers in the window covering industry.   Before diving in the strengths and weaknesses of each motor lets talk about a general description of how most shades are made.  Motorized shades are made up of three main components.  Hardware, Fabric and Motor assembly.  Most shade manufacturers have the same or comparable fabrics. The fabrics typically come from fabric mills that specialize in fabric manufacturing and are used to create a finished window covering. Similarly, hardware is very similar across the board from manufacturer to manufacturer there are some differences but hardware is considered mounting brackets, tube types and valances.  Now comes the major differences from Somfy to Lutron, the motors! See the table below to compare benefits and weaknesses of each.

General DescriptionSomfy designs and manufactures motors for window coverings awnings and exterior patio shades. Their motors are offered by many of the major window coverings manufacturers. Lutron is an electronic company who specializes in high end lighting components and motors for window coverings. They produce the highest quality products and are industry leaders in both lighting and automated shades.
Benefits* More affordable when compared to Lutron
* Reliable for its price point.
* Has low voltage, high voltage & battery powered motors.
* Compatible to control with smartphone and voice control.
* Very reliable motors and communication. Top in the industry.
* Low voltage motors with super quite operation.
* Offers some of the largest and longest lasting battery powered motors. Up to 12 feet wide.
* Compatible to control with smartphone and voice control.
Weakness1) Reliability: Somfy's motors will not be as consistent or reliable with communication from its remotes or Mylink control.
- This stands out most when groups of shades are operated together. One shade may not pick up the command while the others receive it and open or close.
2) Noise: Most of Somfy's motors produce noticeably more noise then Lutron's. Especially, the battery powered ones.
3) Mylink App: The Mylink device and app is used control Somfy motors though your phone. This device is more prone to being buggy then Lutron's counter part. Needing more patience and time to keep things working smoothly.

1) Price: Lutron's motorized shades come at a higher price point.
- They excel and set the bar for motorized shades. Super quite, reliable and user friendly. All of this comes at a price point.
OverviewSomfy's makes some great motors that are highly functional and have a competitive price point. They are a nice option when, Lutron's motors don't fit into the budget. As with most more affordable options, there are a few shortcomings you can be aware of. If you want a premium motorized shade that wont disappoint you, Lutron has you covered! It will be a higher price point, but you wont have to deal with some of the shortcomings that come with the other brands.

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