Smart Home Automation

Home Automation Services

Our home automation services provide the benefits of  making your life easier and more convenient without the high cost of typical home automation.  We tailor a smart home package to fit and meet your specific needs.  With our smart home packages, you can control your lights, window treatments, thermostats, and many other smarthome devices.  You can control these products from your phone while you are home or away on vacation. Many products can even be controlled via voice command through Aleaxa or Google home.  The possibilities are endless and they come at a faction of the cost of a standalone pre-wired home automation system.   Being a wireless system they are also much easier to retro fit into most existing homes without extra wiring.

Voice Control

“Just Ask”

Alexa and Google Home are becoming more and more popular. They are also becoming more functional when it comes to controlling your smart home products via voice command.  Imagine coming home from the grocery store, with your hands full. Instead of fumbling for a light switch in the kitchen you can ask Alexa or Google to turn the lights on for you.  Want Alexa to drop the the shades and play some music for dinner, all you have to do is ask.

Window Treatments

“A simple Automation”

Motorized window treatments make operating many large window treatments easy and safe. They also make it easy to control and operate many window treatments at once.  with recent advancements in technology, automating your window treatments is now easier then ever. It also cost a faction of what it used to.  What used to cost thousands of extra dollars now only cost a few hundred.  You can control your shades from your cell phone, set scenes, schedules and even use voice control to operate your shades from almost anywhere in the world.  These abilities make it easier to control the environment in your home. You can use automation to have your shade operate when something else happens. For example, your home becomes too hot from the sun and will automatically drop the shades to cool it down. You can even set the shades to open in the morning and wake you up with natural light.


“Smart Light Saves Energy”

Automated lighting makes life super convenient. Just like most other smart home products you can set timers, scenes and even control lights with a simple voice command.  You can automate your lights to turn on once you come home. You wont even need to ask or flip a switch. Your system will recognize you are home based on your phones location and turn on the lights you program to. Set a timer so your pouch light comes on a night and turns off in the morning.  No longer do you need to worry if you left the lights on at home.  Just pull out your phone and turn them off. There are so many cool things to do with automation and a few smart lights is always a good place to start.