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Enclosing your restaurant patio or outdoor space can extend your use for that space year around.  Utilizing this space year around will increase revenue and make the most of your space available.  Using retractable vinyl shades is one of the most versatile ways to enclose an out door space for a restaurant.   During the hot summer months, open the shades to allow fresh air into patio let the customers enjoy the beautiful weather.  If the weather gets bad, or once the weather starts to cool off, just drop down the screen enclosures, kick patio heater on, and still enjoy your patio space.  With clear vinyl windows integrated into the shade system you can still enjoy the view and connection to the outside world.

The Premium Details

With retractable screen enclosures smooth and lasting performance is always important.  With our screen enclosures, our screens roll into a protective head box.  So when retracted, they stay clean, protected and are out of sight.  Our systems also integrate a zipper track technology to help maintain the best operation and performance.  The zipper track not only guides the shade, but also keeps it fully connect on all sides.  This helps it perform much better then patio enclosures that dont have it.

Convenience & Performance

Our screen enclosures are available with manual crank or motorized operation.  With a system with many drop down shades, motorized operation makes it quick and convenient to enclose your space.  All with the touch of a button, you can could drop one or all of them as a group.  With a system that only has one or two shades it can make make sense to use a crank operation.  With the ability to customize each system, we can design the screen enclosure to fit your space and accommodate your special needs.

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