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Exterior Shades

Style and Comfort

Exterior shades provide great protection inside and out.  With both manual and motorized shade systems you can block the heat and sun before it even enters your home.  The solar screen fabric, blocks the heat and glare without blocking your view and connection to the outside world. Great application for windows, decks, patios and pergolas with high heat and sun exposure.

 These only represent a portion of our colors and styles. Contact us to see our full selection from the comfort of your own home!

Manual Exterior Shades

Our manual exterior patio shades are a great way to extend the living space of your home and take full advantage of your patios or decks.  No longer do you have to worry about the sun making it too unbearable. The manual shade options come with either a bungy hold down or a cable guide system.  These systems ease the operation and protect the shade from blowing around.  These custom exterior shades can also be upgraded with metal enclosed head boxes or custom wood fascia to provide a clean finished appearance.

 Motorized & Crank Operated

We also offer larger, heavier duty exterior systems that can be motorized or crank operated. These systems can up to 19 feet wide. They come as a complete system with a solid 5 1/2 inch enclosed headbox system and be operated with a metal side track system or cable guide where a flat install surface is unavailable.   These exterior systems are some of the top quality custom shades in the industry.

Cable & Track Guides


Exterior Patios shades tend to blow in the wind without cables guides or track guide system especially in Colorado. The cable guide is a great option for areas where a track cant be used or is more unsightly then a cable.   The track guide is the preferred method for the strongest most robust system.  Either options provides added security and functionality to the shade when outside conditions aren’t perfect.

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