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Custom Fabric Drapes

Draperies add depth and layers to your room.  They can soften up the room and bring a whole other dimension to the deign of your space.  We have many different fabrics and options when it comes to draperies for your home.  Depending on size and use, there are many different pleat styles and rod operations that can be used to add your personal touch to your draperies.  Through our manufacture we have the options for many custom drapery styles. If we don’t have the perfect fabric, you can also have draperies made with fabric you provide.

 These only represent a portion of our colors and styles. Contact us to see our full selection from the comfort of your own home!

Want Added Convenience – Go motorized

Extra Large drapes can often be more challenging to operate or just time consuming if you have many of them in the same room.  Just like all our other window treatments, draperies can be motorized and operated with the touch of a button.  The motorized drapes can also be connect to most home automated systems where timers can be set and operation commands sent from almost anywhere in the world.

Decorative Panels & Layering

Drapes are often used to create depth and soften the interior design of a room. Layering your window treatments is a great way to create more in depth design.  This is done by combing two different window treatments. One mounted on the inside of the window and the other, usually a drapery or detective panel mounted on the outside.  It provides a classic design and endless options for statements with your window coverings. 


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