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Retractable Awnings By Graber

Expand your outdoor Space

Graber’s Awnings by SunSetter, are available in 16 stylish fabrics ranging from 8′ to 20′ wide. They create a relaxing covered environment to better enjoy your outdoor living spaces. Manual or motorized, the operation is easy and smooth.  The acrylic Sunbrella fabric is engineered to provide the look of cotton, but won’t crack or fade and provide amazing protection. The awning with Sunbrella Fabric can reduce home cooling cost by up to 60%.  An extended 10 year warranty ensures a great lasting investment.

 A Few of the Available Awning Fabrics


Classic & Functional

Motorized Awnings are a great way to cover your patio or deck.  Customized up to 20 feet wide, our retractable awnings operate open and close with the touch of a button, making your patio more comfortable creating shade and protection from the weather.

Self Supporting

Retractable awnings by Graber are self supporting.  They use lateral arms that extend out to support the canvas. This design leaves an open area and unobstructed view without the need for added supporting wood structures.

Dimming LED Remote Controlled Lights

Dimming LED lights are a great add on feature to your new awning.  They can plug in and be controlled via the same handheld remote you use to operate the awning. Easily adjustable, the awning lights create the perfect atmosphere to enjoy dinner and company at night.

Aluminum Hood Cover

The hood cover adds additional protection to your awning system when completely retracted, this is a great feature where a roof overhang doesn’t cover the awning system. It sits covered away from the elements, adding years of additional use to your awning components and fabric. Only available on awning installations using standard wall mount brackets.

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