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Corradi-USA Awnings

Expand your outdoor Space

Corradi USA creates some excellent retractable awnings systems. With architectural design, these awning systems enhance your outliving space with style. Their modern design, provide shading to areas of your home without drawing attention away from your home.  Motorized for convenience, these awnings can be made 20+ feet wide and extend over 13 feet out.  Hardware comes powdered coated in many color options and can be customized to match any RAL color.

 A Few of the Available Awning Fabrics

SVET Awning

Contemporary retractable lateral arm, open roll awning. The Svet is an aesthetic revolution with extreme design, cutting edge performance and its marked aluminum profile perfectly in line with contemporary urban architecture. The Svet’s ability to cover wide spaces makes it particularly suited for bars, restaurants and resorts. A ShadeLab Design brought to you by SUNiQ and CorradiUSA.

SHAN Awning

Architectural box cassette, retractable lateral arm awning. No compromise on performance or design. Winner of the 2010 Red dot design award, the Shan is the state-of-the-art of all cassette awnings. When it comes to your house or business, you want a cassette awning that works perfectly and that shades without compromising the architectural lines. The Shan is made for just that.



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