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Motorized Roller Shades

Modern & Automated

Motorized Roller shades are one of the fastest growing window treatments in the industry.  Roller blinds have a very smooth modern design and reliable operation.   Roller shades are an excellent window covering for really big windows. They provide precise operation for complete control and are made from some of the most durable fabrics in the industry.

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Roller shades and blinds durango co by Durango Shade Company

Block The Sun / Not Your View

Motorized Roller shades come in many forms and fabrics.  Roller shades had their claim to fame with their solar screen fabrics.  These woven fabrics provide heat reducing benefits, while maintaining your view. A motorized operation makes them even more efficient, by allowing schedules and timer to be set. Dropping the shades when they are needed and raising them up when they are not.  Once you set the programming, the shades do the work for you.

 Pairs Well with Others

Motorized roller shades look great on their own, as well as blended with other window treatments. Above you see a nicely layered window treatment design with solar shades mounted on the inside and sheer drapery panels on the outside.  This can provide a some death and softness to a room. Drapery panels can also be used to hide power wiring for motorized blinds when battery powered isn’t an option.

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