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Harbor Exterior Patio Shade

Harbor Patio Shade System

The Harbor patio shade system is manufactured by CorradiUSA. It is a versatile patio shade system with an enclosed, extruded aluminum head box. The headbox protects the shade when it is not being used, keeping it protected from the sun and other weather elements. This patio shade comes with a few guide options, including cable guides or a zipper track system. These guide options, also help the function and performance of the patio shade.  The combination of the headbox side tracks and high performance fabrics, make a lasting patio shade system that can enhance your patio or outdoor living area. See the manufactures drawings and details below.

The Harbor patio shade system comes with two guide options for guiding the shade during operation and keeping it in place during adverse weather conditions.  The cable guide option is picture above, and the more robust zipper track option is pictured below.  With areas with chances of windy conditions, the zipper track is the better more durable option.


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