Patio Wind Screens

Progressive Shades

Progressive Screens, manufacturers and top of the line retractable patio screen that is one of its kind. Their special patented system can withstand winds up to 75 miles per hour without the fabric pulling out of the side tracks. This unique track system allows the shade to be confidently left down in high winds to protect your outdoor living area from the sun, wind and rain. Their defender screens used with Kevlar woven fabric and are rated as a hurricane screen!

Shade Sails

Custom Shade Sails

We provide an array of fully customized shade sails. Working with top of the line fabricators, we help customers design, fabricate and install sails and shade structures. Bringing together custom posts, hardware and specially designed fabric sails can all be done in one spot.

QMI – Security Shutters

Qompact Roller Shutters

Qompact security and storm shutters manufactured by QMI is the smallest rolling shutter in the industry.  And don’t let its small box size fool you, these premium rolling shutters are also super strong and durable. The single-walled extruded slats withstand sledge hammer impacts and hurricane impact tests.  A great security solution for both residential and commercial applications.  See the manufactures images and details below.

Awnings By Corradi-USA

Corradi-USA Awnings

Expand your outdoor Space

Corradi USA creates some excellent retractable awnings systems. With architectural design, these awning systems enhance your outliving space with style. Their modern design, provide shading to areas of your home without drawing attention away from your home.  Motorized for convenience, these awnings can be made 20+ feet wide and extend over 13 feet out.  Hardware comes powdered coated in many color options and can be customized to match any RAL color.

 A Few of the Available Awning Fabrics

Restaurant Enclosures

Clear Vinyl Enclosures

Enjoy your outdoor patio year around

Enclosing your restaurant patio or outdoor space can extend your use for that space year around.  Utilizing this space year around will increase revenue and make the most of your space available.  Using retractable vinyl shades is one of the most versatile ways to enclose an out door space for a restaurant.   During the hot summer months, open the shades to allow fresh air into patio let the customers enjoy the beautiful weather.  If the weather gets bad, or once the weather starts to cool off, just drop down the screen enclosures, kick patio heater on, and still enjoy your patio space.  With clear vinyl windows integrated into the shade system you can still enjoy the view and connection to the outside world.

Iridium Pergotenda

Iridium Pergotenda®

A Premium Aluminum Shade Structure

The Iridium Pergotenda is the classic and one of the most popular pergola shade structures by CorradiUSA. Complete with a fully retractable motorized canvas roof  this premium wall mounted pergola provides long lasting shade, weather protection and can be fully enclosed with motorized drop down sun screens or clear vinyl.  This versatile pergola system is customized in size, color and has the ability to add LED lights to provide ambiance to the underside of the pergola.

Patio Shades by Corradi

Architectural By Design

“Corradi products are easy to love with superior standards for construction and design that withstand as well as compliment the test of time and elements. From our Exterior Motorized Screens and Art of Shading line to our exclusive Pergotenda® collection, Corradi USA offers a variety of ways to control and harmonize your outdoor space, bringing your outdoor dreams to life.”

– Corradi USA


Vertical Blinds

Drama & Demension

Vertical blinds are great blinds for sliding glass doors and larger windows. An excellent way to continue the look of horizontal blinds, simply on a larger scale.  The vertical blind slats, turn and rotate to allowing full light control. Letting in just the right amount of light for your home or business.  The vertical blinds come in fabric, vinyl, sheer and even wood.  With a wide selection of fabrics we are sure to find the perfect fit for any color or design trend in your home or business.

 These only represent a portion of our colors and styles. Contact us to see our full selection from the comfort of your own home!

Composite Blinds

Traditional & Affordable

Composite blinds are a traditional window treatment that are affordable, lasting and provide versatile light control.  These blinds are designed with lasting materials that resists cracking and fading.  Our premium composite blinds, add energy benefits, allowing full control of light transfer into your home.  Tilt that slats the allow as much or as little light through.  When closed, blinds block harmful UV rays from damaging your furniture and interior coverings.  These composite blinds are available in a variety of colors and textures.

These only represent a portion of our colors and styles. Contact us to see our full selection from the comfort of your own home!

Pleated Shades

Textured Design

Pleated shades are similar to cellular shades in shade operation and design, but is only one layer of fabric. They come in different pleat sizes ranging from 1 to 2 inches and have many more fabrics with textures and patterns.  The larger pleat styles go well with larger windows where you want less lines and folds. An additional benefit of the pleated shades are the stack of the fabric. When compared to cellular shades, pleated will take up less room in the window when the shade is all the way up.

 These only represent a portion of our colors and styles. Contact us to see our full selection from the comfort of your own home!