Window Coverings and Blinds Inspiration

We work hard to stay on top of the newest trends from colors to new technologies and products.  Cellular/honeycomb shades and Roller/Solar shades are some of fastest growing window treatments in the industry and for good reasons! They provide superior energy efficiency which is beneficial for Colorado’s seasonal weather, and come with levels of privacy and light control. Cordless and motorized technologies are continually advancing and becoming more affordable. Here are a few photos of inspiration to help generate some creativity with different window treatment ideas!

Charcoal bronze solar screens with fabric wrapped cassette: Darker Solar screen fabrics a great a reducing glare from the sun while maintaining your view to the outside world.


Interior motorized roller shades with fabric wrapped cassette. White solar screen fabrics are great for heat reduction and dispersing the natural light throughout the room.
Translucent roller shade that allows natural light control and offers full privacy.



Cellular Shades Top down
Interior cellular shades with bottom up/ top down operation. Cellular shades are some of the most energy efficient window coverings in the industry. The bottom up/ top down option gives you the control to let light in the top of the window while still maintain privacy by covering the lower parts of the window.


Overture Sheer Shades are the newest style shade through Graber. They give a new vibe and function to a horizontal style blind. Vanes of woven fabric are suspended between two sheer layers. They can provide both protection from the UV rays and the vanes close to provide better light control and fuller privacy.


There are many challenges when it comes to finding the right window coverings for your home.  Honestly, quite a few people don’t know how many different options there are and which ones best fit their needs, and the process can become overwhelming. This is where our company comes in to help educate and find the best solution.  We make the process easier and more convenient by bringing the showroom to you, by listening to your problems and your goals, and by helping to educate you on the different window treatments and options that will best fit your needs.