Solar Screen Shades

Solar screen roller shades are a very popular window covering.   They provide many solutions for home owners and commercial applications alike.  They are well know for blocking the sun, while allowing you to maintain your view.  To put it simple they are like sunglasses for your windows.  They filter out a significant about of the suns rays while still allowing you to maintain your connection to the outside world.

Solar Screen shades will drastically reduce cooling cost during the summer and make controlling your interior environment a breeze.  There are many different different types of solar screen fabrics that have different properties and benefits.  Below are some highlighted factors to help educate you on what makes these shades so unique.

Fabric:  Fabric is weaved together in strands leaving a mesh like pattern which ranges in size and openness.

  • Openness typically ranges from 1% to 10%.  The higher the percentage the more light and heat it allows through, but in turn also provides a better view.
  • Fabrics do come in a variety of colors. The lighter the fabric, the better the heat reduction. The darker the fabric, the better the view and glare reduction.
  • Many fabrics are made of a blend of Fiberglass, Vinyl, Polyester and PVC. Making them strong and durable.  There are also fabrics made with the environment in mind, being PVC free and recyclable.
  • Some fabrics are designed to be used for both interior and exterior applications.

Benefits: Heat reduction from the sun and natural light control. Best used in high sun exposure areas.

  • Fabrics range from 20% to 85% reduction in solar heat gain.
  • You maintain your view and connection to the outside world
  • Unlike window tinting, it isn’t permanent and wont damage your window. You can choose when to have the shade down giving you much more control compared to window tinting.
  •  Most of the solar screen fabrics have a Green Guard Certification. Showing that they have met standards for low emissions of  volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into indoor air