Roller Blinds

 Roller Blinds & Their Advantages

If you’re starting to look at new window treatments consider the advantages gained from installing roller shades. The design of these shades is perfectly meshed with their function, keeping the sun out while allowing for a number of different atmospheres for your home. The beauty, flexibility, and ease of these shades make them a great option for any room in your home. This style of blind truly excels in enhancing the livability of that south facing room where the sun dominates your space. The capability of these shades to keep heat out and reduce glare make them ideal for any home or office space to keep you and your family happy and productive. Check out some more details on these types of blinds below.

Solar Roller Shades

Solar blinds, are a form of roller window treatments that have fabrics that reduce heat and glare while not blocking your view.  These blinds have fabrics that range in openness to provide the perfect balance of view though and light control.  Available in many difference fabric colors, these blinds are great to cover large windows with one shade panel.

Translucent Roller Shades

Where full privacy is needed, roller blinds are also available in fabrics that are light filtering or blackout.  With no view through these blind fabrics provide privacy while filtering the light to make the perfect environment for your bedrooms or more personal living areas.

Durable and Strong Window Treatment

Roller shades are one of the strongest most durable window treatments available on the market today. This style of window treatment is designed to provide lasting, form and function.  With very little that can go wrong, roller shades will outlast most other styles of blinds.


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