Motorized Window Coverings and Blinds

There are many advantages to having motorized window coverings and blinds. They are convenient, easy to operate, and make controlling the light and energy loss from your home more efficient.  Imagine waking up to your window coverings letting natural light in at any time you set.  Picture being able to leave for the day knowing all your shades will automatically close before your home heats up from the hot sun.  Advancements in motorization has made controlling shades and setting custom scenes easy, allowing you to take control of your home.  Scenes can even be linked to other smart home technology, like your lighting and heating control.  Imagine its time for dinner with the family, just pull up the smart phone app, choose your Dinner Scene and watch the room transform.  Your window coverings will adjust, lighting will be perfect and its all from the touch of a button. Motorization also provides safety for families with  kids and pets.  There are no cords for the kids or pets to play with or get tangled in. 


 Educate Before You Build


Almost all types of window coverings can be motorized, however having power run to the windows can sometimes be the biggest challenge. Battery powered blinds and window coverings are an option where direct power is not an option, however they do have size limitations and battery cost can add up over time.  With this in mind it is also a good idea to consider discussing your window coverings options before moving forward with new home build or remodel. Running power to the windows for the window coverings and blinds is much easier done during the construction process then after the fact.