Motorized Blinds

“A Touch of Luxury”

Motorized Window Coverings and blinds open up a new world of possibilities. They can be a solution for safety, ease of operation or create a fashion statement. Whatever the reason you choose, motorized blinds will stand out above the rest.

Smart Home Automation

Are you into staying ahead of the curve with technology and smart home innovation? It is now easier than ever to integrate motorized shade operation into your home.  Imagine driving home and as you enter your drive way, your home recognizes your arrival and automatically turns on your lights, opens your garage door and adjusts your blinds to a preset location on your windows.  With advancements in home automation technology, it is now easier and more affordable then ever to integrate small or large automation systems into your home.  You can incorporate your whole home, heating systems, window coverings, lights and appliances, or pick and choose the ones you use the most.  The best part is that these automation systems can now be done for hundreds of dollars instead of thousands.


“A Little Goes A Long Way”

Think Simple

Many people find that they only need a few Smarthome automated products in their life, usually where they will be used the most.  The most popular automation that can simplify your life are Smarthome thermostats, automated lights and motorized window coverings. With these three Smarthome products, you can take control and add some nice flare to your home all without having to run new wires.

Smarthome Thermostats

 With Smarthome thermostats you can now control your heating and cooling from almost anywhere in the world. Just pull up the app on  your smartphone and make the adjustments.  With user friendly interfaces, this makes scheduling easy. Did you go on a vacation and forget you left your heat on high? Don’t worry, you can adjust it on your phone.

Automated Lighting

There are many available smart light bulbs on the market.  Just like the thermostats, they can be controlled from a smartphone and voice controlled through Amazon’s Echo or Google Home.  No more searching for the light switch when you come home in the dark.  Just ask, and Alexa will do the work for you.  With these lights you can also set scenes and schedules to have them turn on and off.  Tired of not knowing if your porch light was left on? Not anymore.  The best part is that many of these bulbs are made with LED’s and will last for years!

Smart Window Coverings and Blinds

With new advancements in technology some smart window coverings and blinds can now connect directly to the same Smarthome hubs that other connected products use.  This means you have ultimate control of your motorized window treatments. Use the remote, your smartphone or voice control to operate your shades. With common communication, all three of these products can be controlled from the same app on your phone.

DIY or Hire Out?

Now, with so many different smarthome products and systems out there, not all are compatible with each other. This may mean you wont be able to control all the products you want from the same smarthome app. There are also some programming and other technical skills that will be needed to set everything up.  If you have drive, time and some basic tech skills these systems can be set up and programmed on your own.  However, for many people who don’t have these skills or who would rather have someone set it up and educate them on using the systems, we provide full services for smarthome products and motorized window coverings.  We make sure you are educated on what you want to be able to do with your smarthome.