Modern Drapery Design

Functional Modern Drapery

Draperies are a traditional type of window treatment, that are seeing a resurgence with beautifully updated fabrics that pair well with modern homes. Draperies offer many options for customization from clean lines to a more focused finish on details. They are a wonderful addition to window coverings or can stand alone as a functional and decorative option.


A Soft Touch

A puddle effect is a nice design element that brings a bit more style the drapery.  Adding a few inches of extra height to the panels will have the fabric hang in a more relaxed manner.

Ceiling to Floor Style

Ceiling to floor drapes can create a dramatic feel to your space by adding the illusion of more space and taller walls Pictured above is a ceiling mounted track that blends well and allows the focus to be drawn to the style of the drapery panels.

Check out full size images below.