Lutron Wired Roller Shade Options

Exposed Roller

The picture above shows the exposed roller shade option by Lutron.  This option highlights a simplistic design, with no cover to hide the roller shade tube or fabric.  This option can have a larger light gap above the roller shade then other finish and cover options. It will also be easier to see some potential wiring with this option.  Actual shade brackets will vary by motor and size of shade. Picture below shows  Lutron Palladiom roller shades with bushed metal brackets and a complete hidden wiring. This is Lutron’s high end option of exposed roller shade.

Architectural Metal Fascia

The metal fascia option hides the roller tube and fabric when the shade is retracted. The metal finish is available in a range of different colors options to compliment the interior design or your home.  This is a nice option that helps minimize a upper light gap and provides a nice way to hide any wiring and electrical connections for the motorized shade.  This option is also available in a square or round front edge.

Fabric Wrapped Cassette

This is another alternative to the metal fascia. This fabric wrapped cassette, is wrapped in fabric matching the roller shade material. It is a softer finish option to the metal fascia.  It also minimizes the light gap at the top of the window and provides a nice space to hide electrical connections.  This option is a bit larger then the metal fascia and can take up a bit more space in the window jam.