Fabric Blinds In Durango Colorado

Fabric Blinds

Fabric blinds are a great alternative to metal or wood horizontal blinds.  They have a variety of color and texture options for customization.  Fabric blinds are easily maintained, dust collection is minimal and the slats are flexible making them harder to damage.  The stain/mildew resistance fabric makes simple to keep clean and also makes these blinds ideal for use in high traffic areas and areas with high humidity.  The fabric blinds are also much lighter then wood blinds.  With the lighter fabric blinds, you are able to cover larger windows with easier operation.

Adding Some Extra Style

Our fabric blinds are also available with some additional features to customize the blinds to your own style.  Custom valances and cloth tape are two ways to add a unique look to any horizontal blinds.  The cloth tape comes in many different colors and patterns and is used to cover the ladder strings that hold the blinds slats for ultimate privacy and light control.  Horizontal blinds come with a valance matching the shade fabric, or consider an upgrade to wood valances for a sophisticated look.

Safety with Blinds

Here at Durango Shade Co. we are always concerned with the safety of our clients and their family.  When safety is an added concern for families with younger children and pets, we will always recommend cordless or motorized window coverings. Cordless blinds minimize risk for children and pets to be injured by the dangling cords.   Like our wood blinds, our fabric blinds have a cordless pull operation as well as a motorized tilt option for higher and hard to reach blinds.