Exterior Patio Shades Colorado

Outdoor living spaces are continue to grow as more and more people want to spend their time outdoors.  Especially, here in Colorado, even when people are home they want to stay as connected to the outside world as possible.  This correlates to spending time in the backyard or on patios and decks. However, sometimes the sun, no matter how much we like it, can be overpowering.  Making it very difficult to enjoy time with friends and family outside.   This is where exterior shades come in handy.  They provide added comfort outside, cutting glare, heat and adding additional privacy.


Exterior Patio Shade

Most exterior solar shades will still allow you to see through them.  Making them great for homes with spectacular views and staying connected to the outside world.


Exterior Shade system with hembar cable guide system


Exterior shades have a heavy duty hembar with either a cable guide or metal track to help keep the shade secure. ( Cable guide system shown in photo above)