Choosing the Right Window Covering

When it comes to window coverings and blinds there are two things your should keep in mind.  Purpose and Comfort.  Focus on what goals you are trying to accomplish with the window coverings or blinds. Energy efficiency, privacy, views and design are taken into account but usually there is one goal that stands above the rest.  Let that primary purpose guide you to the type of shade or blinds you want. There are many different styles of window treatments and they all have their own specialties.  Your primary goal will bring forth a few products that will best match those needs. Then it comes to comfort!  Among the products that meets your goals, there are usually many different colors and fabrics to choose from. Now you can pick from those products that make your home feel like home.

Here are few Pro’s for two of our more popular Window Coverings

Solar Screens : Heat protection without blocking your view

  • Protects your home furnishings from fading from the sun.
  • Provides light control and reduces glare.
  • Maintains your connection with the outside world.
  • Goes well with Modern and Rustic home styles.
  • Easy to operate and can be motorized.
  • Available for interior and exterior applications.

Cellular Shades: Stylish insulation for your windows

  • Creates pockets of air the act like insulation for your windows.
  • Available in many fabrics and styles.
  • Can be Operated Top/Down and Bottom/Up.
  • Provides a wide range of light control and privacy level.
  • Easy operation with cord control, cordless or motorization.