Cellular Window Coverings In Durango

Cellular & Pleated Shades
Top of the Line

Cellular window coverings are one of the most attractive window coverings in the window treatment industry today, and for a good reason.  They provide some of the highest energy performance benefits available.  Their advanced “honeycomb” design creates pockets of air that act as a layer of insulation for your windows, keeping your home cooler during the summer months, and warmer during the winter months. Here in Colorado, it is important to design your home to work with the seasonal changes, instead of spending a fortune battling expensive heating and air conditioning costs. Durango Shade Co. can assist you in selecting the most effective and efficient treatment for your home,  helping you save money on your energy costs all year long.


CrystalPleat cellular shades are a sophisticated addition to your home, adding a touch of softness.  Cellular shades come in a variety of opacity levels to meet your goals, whether you are looking for privacy or light control.  Levels include, blackout, room darkening, light filtering, and sheer, and come a plethora of color options to suit your design preferences.

EvenPleat & FashionPleat

EvenPleat and FashionPleat shades are an additional style offered by Graber. These shades are perfect for homes that are looking for a cost effective, lightweight, simple solutions for light control. These shades also come with an optional upgrade of a privacy or blackout liner for enhanced privacy & light control.


Interested in both window covering options? We have the solution for you! PerfectVue is a combination of a sheer or light filtering pleated fabric on top, and a room darkening or blackout cellular fabric on bottom for ultimate design flexibility.

Bottom Up Top Down

Similar to PerfectVue, these cellular window coverings are composed of two color combinations, a lighter fabric on top, and a darker fabric on bottom, and are manipulated to allow desired light and privacy control needs. These luxury shades are like three in one and offer energy efficiency for ultimate performance and design.


For larger windows or sliding doors,  a sliding cellular window covering for horizontal application can be applied. This shade is easy to operate and provides an insulating layer between the outdoors and your home. Coordinate your other cellular shade colors with SlideVue for a matching look.


Control Options

Standard cord control
Cordless operation- ideal for homes with children and pets
Continuous Loop Lift
Motorization- Convenient, programmable, and ideal for homes with children and pets
Control options vary for each specialty shade.

Graber is one of the top window covering manufactures in the world, and Durango Shade Co. is proud to offer their top of the line products.