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 Current Trends For Window Treatments in Durango, Colorado

Different regions often have unique design trends and styles that are particular to that area.  Durango, Colorado is no different. When it comes to trends for window coverings & blinds in Durango, their are a few products that stand above the rest with popularity & design. Below we will dive into the current products that we see most our clients in Durango excited about and go over their benefits.

Cellular / Honeycomb Blinds

Cellular blinds and shades are one of the most popular products in Durango, Colorado.  This style of window treatment has reliable operation and forms a quality layer of insulation for your windows.  As one of the most energy efficient blinds available in Durango, they have become one of the fastest growing products we sell.  These blinds are also very popular because they have the ability to be operated from the top or the bottom of the window. Allowing you to cover just the lower part of your window for privacy while leaving the view and light coming in through the top. Check out more about these blinds on our product page here.

 Cellular Shade Benefits:

  • Most energy efficient style of window treatment. Year around energy savings will pay for the cost of the blinds.
  • Cellular blinds are available with cordless and bottom up / top down operation.
  • Blinds are available in continuous fabric widths up to 144 inches, allowing us to cover large openings with one shade.
  • Shade fabric can be rotated and operated as a sliding style blind, working great for slider doors.
  • Window treatment is easy to motorized, and can be either battery powered or hardwired.
  • Motorized operation can be controlled with remote, automated or voice command.

Roller Shades

Mountain Modern home design is growing rapidly in Durango, Colorado.   This is why, Roller Shades are next on the list of top window treatments in Durango.  Roller shades are the most reliable and long lasting window treatment in the industry.  The design of roller shades allow for a clean reliable operation with very little that can go wrong.  Available, in hundreds of different fabric options their is a fit for everyone’s home and office design. Durango Shade CO roller blind fabrics range from sheer to black out and everything in between. You can see more about roller blinds in Durango on our product page here.

 Roller Shade Benefits:

  • Most reliable and ability to span the largest widths compared to other window treatments in Durango.
  • Roller shades offer a minimal design  style, often taking up the least amount of space in a window. They are there when you need them and unnoticeable when fully retracted.
  • One the only styles of window treatments that allow use solar screen material.  Allowing you to block the heat and sun, but not your view. Show above in the picture.
  • Roller blinds are have system that operate up to 20+ feet wide. Very few window coverings have that ability.
  • Roller window shades are easy to motorized, with both hardwired and battery options.  Like other motorized shades, they can be automated and even controlled via voice command.

Roman Shades

Fabric window treatments are also a popular blind style in Durango, CO.  Fabric blinds come in many different forms and styles.  Roman shades, Draperies, and fabric cornice boards can fall under this window covering category. All of them provide a warmer layered design to your homes interior. Used in design and homes where you want to make a statement with your window treatments. When this window treatment style is used, there is often more attention drawn to the windows for a bolder look.  You can see more about custom roman shades in Durango on our product page here.

 Fabric Shade Benefits:

  • Both Roman Shades & Custom Draperies offer a bold statement, with endless fabric options.
  • Available in many custom designs draperies are paired with valances or decorative rods to add even more customization.
  • Roman fabric blinds can also have the bottom up / top down operation. Making them great a controlling light and privacy.
  • Drapery systems can be made with black out and flannel liners adding efficiency for large windows and drafty places.
  • Both our roman shades and drapery systems can be motorized for convenience and comfortably. Operating them at the touch of a button.

This article has touched on some of the top window coverings and blind options in Durango, Colorado.  If you have interest in any of these types of blinds or any more detailed questions feel free to reach out to us by email or by phone.  We would be happy to help you out in a any way possible.  If you had your eye on an alternative product that we didn’t discuss here, be sure to check out our products page. We offer a wide selection of products and are bound to have something that will fit your needs.