Beat the heat with your blinds in Durango, Colorado

With August right around the corner, the hottest part of the summer is yet to come.  Window coverings and blinds are one of the best ways to control your homes temperature, especially solar screen shades.  Take advantage of solar screen technology and beat the heat without losing your view.

Solar Screen shades filter the sun’s rays providing protection and heat reduction for your home.  Over time, the sun will fade even the toughest protective surfaces, especially here in Durango. The high altitude makes the the sun even more intense.  So it is much easier to take the steps to protect damage before it happens.   Solar shades through Durango Shade Company will give you added comfort and protection.  Some of our solar screen fabrics will provide up to 78% heat reduction, keeping your home cooler without having to pay for expensive air conditioning. The best part, you get to keep your connection to the outside world.  That beautiful view of the mountains you love to look at  will still be there.  With views you can’t get anywhere else in the world, solar screen window coverings are a great application for many windows and homes here in Durango, Colorado.

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