Affordable Blinds

A Price for Every Budget

Every project has a budget and often times window coverings come up towards the end of the list.  Here are some things to keep in mind when considering what window treatments to purchase. There are particular products fall into an affordable price level and each product line offers a beginning price range.  While some products may cost more up front, they offer a lifetime of benefits that pay off with energy savings.  Below you can find some additional details on different blinds and benefits.

Cellular / HoneyComb Shades


“Energy Efficient”

Cellular blinds are some of the most energy efficient window treatments in the industry with benefits for every season. Cellular shades are a great entry level product, upgrades are available, such as cordless and motorized operation, or bottom up/top down. Although these upgrades may cost a bit more up front, these types of shades offer great savings on your heating and cooling cost. Over the span of their life they will probably pay for themselves.

Wood and Faux Wood Blinds

“Great Natural look at a great price”

Natural wood blinds are another affordable option. They provide a great natural wood feel and look of 100% hardwood and are available in many stain and painted colors.   They also provide great light and privacy control with the ability to rotate the slats open and closed. Wood blinds are also offered in faux and composite wood, and provide additional savings. Wood blinds do require a bit more maintenance as they can collect more dust than other window treatments.

Roller Shades

“The Durable Option”

Roller Shades have proven the test of time.  Roller blinds are also a pretty affordable product at the mid price point level. They come in a variety of different fabrics from sheer to full blackout, and are one of the most durable and low maintenance shade options.  Roller and solar shades offer great heat reduction benefits, perfect for windows with direct sunlight. As the fabric rolls up on a steel or aluminium tube,  there if far less that can go wrong or brake.  The standard cord option is the most affordable, upgrades and even voice control motorization are available.

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