A Classic Style Window Covering

Horizontal Wood Blinds

Wood Blinds In Durango. co

Wood blinds are a classic window covering option with a style that has been around for many years. With their natural tones and textures they can bring life and an excellent finishing touch to any room in your home.  Wood blinds have a great ability to control light, heat and privacy. With a quick adjustment of the slats, you can go from full sun to almost black out.  This particular style of window coverings is also often more affordable when compared to other styles of shades.  Wood blinds are a great window treatment where you get a great balance between style, function and budget.

Wood Blind Style Upgrades

Wood Blinds in Durango Kitchen

Wood blinds a great in their original form, but also have a number of great upgrades to enhance the beauty of the window treatment and room. One of these great upgrade options is a stylish wood cornice or valance to help hide the blinds upper mounting components and hardware.  All our wood blinds come standard with a simple smaller valance, but we have and handful of other styles and even custom hand made valance options. As pictured above, wood blinds are also available in matching vertical blinds. Same wood stains and colors available, but operating side to side to use in locations with sliding glass doors and larger windows.

New and the Aged

Wood Blinds shown in kitchen

Wood blinds continue to be one of the excellence window coverings options available in the industry today.  From new builds to aged homes with a bit more character there is a style, color and texture of wood that can look great in your spaced.  Bringing a new look or complimenting one that is already there, wood blinds can be a great option to consider for your next window treatments.