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Graber Traditions wood blinds are manufactured from North American hardwoods. Sustainable practices are used when harvesting the wood and only done on managed forest land.  The wood blinds can be painted or stained to match any home decor.  Vertical wood blinds can be used for large sliding doors or room dividers. When wood blinds are closed, they provide energy savings and protection from the sun’s damaging rays.

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Vertical Wood Blinds

Vertical wood blinds, are great for sliding glass doors.  They will match the style of  wood blinds in other windows and keep your window treatment consistent.  They are uniquely designed with hinges to prevent warping of large long wood panels.  The vertical wood strips are the same material as horizontal wood blinds, with endless color and stain options. They can even be color matched to take on a custom color you have in your home.  These blinds also provide great light control, with the ability to rotate the slates to any desired position.

Saftey First – Cordless Wood Blinds


When it comes to safety for your kids and pets, going cordless is always a good option.  Like all of our other products, wood blinds can be cordless or motorized.  Upgrading your wood blinds to cordless operation gets rid of the dangling cords on the side of the blind.  Instead, just grab the lower rail and manual adjust to where you want the shade to stop.  Cordless wood blinds do have certain size restrictions due to weight, so they are best used for smaller easy to reach windows. Motorized blinds are a better option for larger and hard to reach places.

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